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  • Kotch, J.B., Smith, J., Margolis, B., Black, M.M., English, D., Thompson, R., Lee, L.-C., Taneja, G., & Bangdiwala, S.I. (in press). Does social capital protect against the adverse behavioral outcomes of child neglect? Child Abuse Review.
  • Villodas, M.T., Litrownik, A.J., Thompson, R., Jones, D.J., Roesch, S.C., Hussey, J.M., Block, S.D., English, D.J., & Dubowitz, H. (in press). Developmental transitions in presentations of externalizing problems among boys and girls at-risk for child maltreatment. Development and Psychopathology.
  • Flaherty, E.G., Thompson, R., Dubowitz, H., Harvey, E.M., English, D.J., Proctor, L.J., & Runyan, D.K. (2013). Adverse childhood experiences and child health in early adolescence. JAMA Pediatrics, 167, 622-629.
  • Jones, D.J., Lewis, L., Litrownik, A., Thompson, R., Proctor, L.J., Isbell, T., Dubowitz, H., English, D., Jones, B., & Nagin, D., & Runyan, D. (2013). Linking childhood sexual abuse and early adolescent risk behavior: the intervening role of internalizing and externalizing problems. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 41, 139-150.
  • Lewis, T., Thompson, R. Kotch, J. B., Proctor, L. J., Litrownik, A. J., English, D. J., Runyan, D. K., Wiley, T. R., & Dubowitz, H. (2013). Correlates of parent–youth discordance about youth-witnessed violence: a brief report. Violence and Victims, 28(5), 865-874.
  • Oberlander, S.E., Wang, Y., Thompson, R., Lewis, T., Proctor, L.J., Isbell, P., English, D.E., Dubowitz, H., Litrownik, A.J., & Black, M.M. ( 2011). Childhood maltreatment, emotional distress, and early adolescent sexual intercourse: Multi-informant perspectives on parental monitoring. Journal of Family Psychology, 25, 885-894.
  • Proctor, L. J., Van Dusen Randazzo, K., Litrownik, A. J., Newton, R. R., Davis, I. P., & Villodas, M. (2011). Factors associated with caregiver stability in permanent placements: A classification tree approach. Child Abuse and Neglect, 35, 425-436.
  • Tabone, J.K., Guterman, N., Litrownik, A.J., Dubowitz, H., Isbell, P., English, D.J., Runyan, D.K., & Thompson, R. (2011). Developmental trajectories of behavior problems among children who have experienced maltreatment: Heterogeneity during early childhood and ecological predictors. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 19, 204-216.
  • Thompson, R.,Dancy, B.L., Wiley, T.R.A., Perry, S.P., & Najdowski, C.J. (2011). The experience of mental health service use for African American mothers and youth. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 32, 678-686.
  • Nooner, K.B., Litrownik, A.J., Thompson, R., Margolis, B., English, D.J., Knight, E.D., Everson, M.D., & Roesch, S. (2010). Youth Self-Report of Physical and Sexual Abuse: A Latent Class Analysis. Child Abuse & Neglect, 34(3), 146-154.
  • Yonas, M.A., Lewis, T., Hussey, J.M., Thompson, R., Newton, R., English, D., & Dubowitz, H. (2010). Perceptions of Neighborhood Collective Efficacy Moderate the Impact of Maltreatment on Aggression. Child Maltreatment, 15(1), 37-47.
  • Hutcheson, J. J., Black, M. M., Talley, M., Dubowitz, H., Berenson-Howard, J. B., Starr, R. H. Jr., & Thompson, B. S. (1997). Risk Status and Home Intervention Among Children with Failure-to-Thrive: Follow-up at Age 4. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 22(5), 651-668.

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Dissertations from 1997-2010
  • Experiences of child maltreatment and their effects on the development of externalizing behavior problems among youth. Villodas, Miguel. 116 pages; [PhD dissertation]. University of California, San Diego: 2011. Publication Number: AAT 3466727.

  • Exploring the relationship between childhood neglect and violence in a sample of high-risk early adolescents: Findings from a longitudinal study. Margolis, Benyamin. 397 pages; [PhD dissertation]. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2010. Publication Number: AAT3428381.
  • Multiple determinants of sexualized behavior in middle childhood: A developmental psychopathology perspective. Elkovitch, Natasha. 187 pages; [PhD dissertation]. The University of Nebraska – Lincoln; 2010. Publication Number: AAT3408391.
  • The within poverty differences in the occurrence and developmental outcomes of physical neglect. Shanahan, Meghan E. [PhD dissertation]. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 2010.
  • Risk factors and correlates of hurting animals by children. Rooney, Kathleen. 236 pages; [PhD dissertation]. Boston College; 2009. AAT3387044.

  • Effects of maltreatment and environmental stability on aggression trajectories from 4 to12. Wiley, Tisha R. 157 pages; [PhD Dissertation]. University of Illinois at Chicago; 2009. AAT3394245.

  • The effects of child maltreatment and environmental stability on children’s trajectories of aggressive behavior from 4 – 12 years of age. Wiley, Tisha R.A. University of Illinois at Chicago; 2009.

  • The relationships between episodes of parental incarceration and students’ psycho-social and educational outcomes: An analysis of risk factors. Cox, Meghan. 155 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. Temple University; 2009. AAT 3359630.

  • A typology for families at risk for child maltreatment. Foster, Rachel Erin. 118 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2008. AAT 3315699.

  • Developmental trajectories of externalizing behavior problems among maltreated children. Kim, Jiyoung. 171 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. The University of Chicago; 2008. AAT3322598.

  • Pathways from child maltreatment to juvenile delinquency: Sexualized behaviors and loneliness. Pelaez Merrick, Melissa Teresa. 109 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of California, San Diego; 2008. AAT 3306501.

  • Socioemotional outcomes of children sexually abused during early childhood. Becker, Jennifer L. 123 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. Florida International University, 2008. AAT 3325595.

  • The effect of maternal childhood abuse on parenting attitude and behavior. Esaki, Nina. 124 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. State University of New York at Albany, 2008. AAT3312245.

  • Verbal abuse by parents who maltreat or are at-risk for maltreatment of children: Predictors and interventions. Lange, Richard Theodore. 212 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. Rutgers The State University of New Jersey, 2008. AAT 3344806.
  • Sex differences in the development of aggression and delinquency. Grodack, Angela. 107 pages; [M.A. Thesis]. University of Maryland, Baltimore County; 2008. Publication Number: AAT 1477252.
  • Latent class analysis of new self-report measures of physical and sexual abuse. Nooner, Kate Brody. 119 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of California, San Diego; 2007. Publication Number: AAT 3258389.
  • Family structure and use of corporal punishment by low income mothers.
    Mitchell, Lorelei Beth. 253 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of California, Berkeley; 2005. Publication Number: AAT 3211454.

  • The impact of intellectual functioning and adverse life events on the psychosocial development of maltreated children. Romney, Stephanie C. 113 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of California, San Diego; 2005. Publication Number: AAT 3208618.

  • A longitudinal study of the impact of individual, familial, and community violence on child behavioral outcomes. Sparacio, Charlene Wojnowski. 95 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. Institute for Clinical Social Work ( Chicago); 2004. Publication number: AAT3139799.

  • The combined effects of maltreatment and subsequent foster care placement in early childhood. Washington, Tracee A. 124 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of Michigan; 2004. Publication Number: AAT 3137960.

  • Child victims of family violence: Behavioral and social outcomes. Watts-English, Tiffany. 139 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2004. Publication Number: AAT 3156214.

  • Lifetime patterns of maternal substance abuse as a predictor of child maltreatment and child developmental outcomes. Bizzarro, Michael Robert. 215 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. Institute for Clinical Social Work ( Chicago); 2003. Publication number: AAT3107345.

  • Testing a prototypic approach to scale reduction: Improving efficiency in assessment. Bohlig, E. Michael. 259 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2002. Publication Number: AAT 3046965.

  • Physical health of maltreated children shortly after entry into foster care: Assessment and prediction of documented medical problems and caregiver-reported health status. Mitchell, Barbara E. 93 pages: [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of California, San Diego; 2002. Publication Number: AAT 3044789.

  • Predictors of posttraumatic stress symptomatology in Hispanic versus non-Hispanic maltreated children. Canez, Idalia E. 81 pages [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University; 2000. Publication Number: AAT 9974115.

  • The relationship between maternal history of victimization, current social supports, and abusive parenting behaviors: A Winnicottian perspective. Mirabella-Beck, Jean. 207 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. Institute for Clinical Social Work ( Chicago); 1999. Publication number: AAT 9946644.

  • Maternal depression, history of loss, and history of abuse: Impact on attachment among high risk preschoolers. Binder, A. [PsyD. dissertation]. Illinois School of Professional Psychology; 1998.

  • The impact of early life experiences on subsequent adaptive and problem behaviors in maltreated children. Fees, Melissa Soza. 119 pages; [Ph.D. dissertation]. University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University; 1997. Publication Number: AAT 9820842.


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