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Research Briefs

LONGSCAN Research Briefs: Volume 1, Summer 1998 - These research briefs address a number of topics ranging from risk and protective factors for young at-risk children, to system response in identifying children most at risk. Of note are three separate analyses, independently conducted at different LONGSCAN study sites, that each document the risk to children in homes where there is domestic violence. The consortium has also placed special emphasis in these research briefs on trying to understand the significance of fathers and father-surrogates in the lives of LONGSCAN children.


LONGSCAN Research Briefs: Volume 2, Spring 2006 - These research briefs are the second in the series and summarizes findings from 45 studies published since volume 1, covering policy and practice implications for LONGSCAN studies published between 1999 and 2005. Topic areas include:

  • Risks, protective factors, ethical issues, and consequences of maltreatment
  • Fathers, child maltreatment and child development
  • Assessments and placement of children in out-of-home care
  • Dimensions of maltreatment and family violence.


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